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At ANU Eyecare, we have the knowledge and experience to find a lens to suit any need and lifestyle. A lens for far, close, in between or all distances? We can provide it at the best price so you leave knowing you have the best possible vision with the best value for money. You won’t end up paying too much for poor quality and outcome.

Ever tried using multifocal lenses and they didn’t work out? The most likely reason wouldn’t be that you’re not compatible with the lens, rather that the specific lens you tried wasn’t compatible with you. There are hundreds of different types of multifocal lenses and we know how to find the ones that will work for you, with the right adjustments.

We know which lens design, from which laboratory, made from which material, with which coating, in which frame will have you functioning at your best. Having access to all the quality lens companies in Australia means we are able to provide you with not only a large range of lenses, but more importantly the latest and best quality ones. You are an individual and we believe in fitting the right product to you rather than fitting you into ‘our’ lenses.

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UV filters, anti-glare, mirror coats, polarisation, photo-chromaticity are all examples of  coatings and tints that we can provide that make a significant difference to your vision. Ever been asked if you’d like to ‘add on’ to your lenses? At ANU Eyecare there are certain coatings that other optical stores charge lofty prices to ‘add on’ to your lenses, which we believe are essential to quality vision and so don’t charge you an arm and a leg. Whether it be aesthetic or functional, ANU Eyecare has the lens treatments to work best for your vision.

Have you ever wanted to try contact lenses and wondered if they would work for you? Have you ever been told you’re not suitable for contact lenses? Do you want a change from wearing glasses every day and still want to see clearly? When it comes to contact lenses, ANU Eyecare knows how to make them work for you. David has been wearing contact lenses for many years and has an in-depth knowledge of the various types including multifocal, rigid gas permeable (RGP), single vision, daily and monthly. Like everything in optics, it is important to make sure you get exactly what is right for your eyes and vision needs. The right contact lens material, the right design, size and fit for the right purpose.

Very few people have the experience and expertise to fit the complete range of contact lenses available. David does! We don’t just sell one brand of lenses, nor one type of multifocal or single vision lenses. We have access to and use all the different contact lens options available. We don’t just try and fit you to ‘our range’, we fit YOU with the lenses that are right for YOU. At ANU Eyecare, we make sure you know everything about how to wear, handle and care for your lenses. We will provide you with the right advice, products and techniques so you can be confident in your eye health, comfort and vision.

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The perfect pair of glasses is a combination of the right lens type, coatings and correct shape and fitted frame. The right lenses for your eyes need to be in the right position and aligned at the correct angle to ensure the best vision possible. At ANU Eyecare, we ensure that everyone who leaves our store with new glasses has had the correct adjustment of the frame so that it fits, won’t slide off and vision is of the highest quality.

When it comes to spectacle frames, we know that everyone is different. For some people, glasses are purely a necessity to function in everyday life. For others, glasses are an opportunity to not only see clearly but to add to an outfit and be an accessory. Whatever you’re looking for in a pair of glasses, we have what’s best in style AND quality. Did you know that many popular brand name frames come out of the same factory as cheap quality ones?


At ANU Eyecare, we only stock quality brand frames so you know that you will be leaving with top quality and value for money. Some of the popular brands we stock include Nike, Calvin Klein, Esprit, Paul Taylor, Red Bull, Maui Jim, and many more. We also stock a large range of sunglass frames and brands that provide the best protection, quality and value for your eyes. We are about quality, function, style and excellent value. We will make sure you get what is right for you; your face, your image, your lifestyle.

Contact lenses

We ensure your spectacles are fitting and functioning perfectly before you leave. At ANU Eyecare, we want your spectacles, both frames and lenses, as well as any other product you purchase from us, to remain in top condition for as long as possible to serve you best. Jim, our optical dispenser, has exceptional skills in the care, maintenance and repair of eyewear which allows us to offer regular maintenance for your spectacles.

At ANU Eyecare, we provide you with the right advice as well as the best products for your needs, ensuring that you know the best way to maintain your spectacles, which products work best, and the cases in which to store and protect your glasses or contact lenses. We have a broad range of cleaning solutions, lens wipes and cloths which we provide alongside the right procedures. Dry eye is a very common condition in Canberra, and at ANU Eyecare we know and supply you with what will be most appropriate for your condition, whether eye drops, gels, ointments or treatments. We want you to leave our shop feeling both equipped and educated to look after your eyes and eye care products.

Protective Eyecare is Vital.

At ANU Eyecare we provide safety eyewear for Government departments, businesses and individuals. Whether is is protection from physical, chemical or radiation trauma/damage, we have the training, experience and expertise to provide you with the appropriate certified and/or compliant protective eyewear. Many people don't know that wearing contact lenses which are UV protective provides protection from UV light from ALL directions as the lenses cover the cornea completely. Whether it is eye protection in the form of glasses, or contacts, ANU Eyecare has you covered!

Another area of eye safety which ANU Eyecare services is sports vision. We cover a range of products and services from the right tint for the conditions, contact lenses, UV protection, to even vision training to improve your visual efficiency and performance. Come and see us to find out what will work best for you and your eyes

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