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Our Vision 
For Your Eyes

Our Vision 

Our passion is to enable everyone to have the best visual function to maximise quality of life. Our visual systems are an essential part of everyday living, with 80% of the information required for general activities coming through our visual system. Through the provision of quality eye 

health services and accurate vision correction, at ANU Eyecare you will see as clearly and efficiently as possible. At ANU Eyecare, we work to maximise your visual potential, keeping your vision at its best for life.

But what makes us different to other optometry businesses and chains?

Everything is about YOU. Many people providing

eyewear have barely more knowledge and

experience than the customer. At ANU Eyecare,

instead of selling you products you know very little

about, we empower you with knowledge and quality

to help create the best eyecare and eyewear for your

eyes. We want you to understand why you are

receiving a certain treatment, why you are buying

a certain shaped frame, and why you are looking

through those particular lenses. You are not an

optical average, you are an individual with unique

eyes and therefore deserve unique and specialised

treatment and services. We believe it is important

to listen and take time, ensuring your vision is the

best it can be.

From start to finish we will work with you, without

rushing, to find an outcome that works best for your


The team at ANU Eyecare services the more challenging areas of optometry and dispensing with a broader range of services and products than many other optical businesses. These include areas such as visual development and difficulties, behavioural optometry, complex repairs and contact lenses. In particular, since completing his Masters degree, David has been working as a behavioural optometrist with many children, implementing programs and visual tools to improve vision and learning difficulties such as dyslexia. These interventions ensure visual processing systems develop properly to minimise learning difficulties, enable the best learning potential and reduce the need for spectacles. To find out more about the behavioural optometry areas of service, please click HERE

At ANU Eyecare, we want to show you the difference that quality eyecare and eyewear will make to your vision and your life. We do what’s best in your eyes.

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