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Helping you find what's best in your eyes

We take our years of experience, a passion for optics and an attitude of care to give you the highest quality and service in eye care and eye wear at the right price.

We guarantee it.       

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Eye Candy Optical in Braddon, ACT 

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At ANU Eyecare, we want to show you the difference that quality eyecare and eyewear will make to your vision and your life. Instead of selling you products or services you know very little about, we aim to empower you through knowledge and quality to help guide your decisions on what is best for your eyes.

We look at everyone as an individual, not an optical average. Therefore we take the time to listen to you to provide the highest quality eye care, treatment options and customer service. ANU Eyecare also provides alternative and in-depth solutions to many visual difficulties, including the areas of behavioural optometry, contact lenses, spectacle fitting and eye health.

At ANU Eyecare we see things differently and we want to help you do so as well. Click below or contact us to find out more about the difference you will see in your life with ANU Eyecare.


At ANU Eyecare, we take the time and care to accurately assess your eyes, using the latest technology and our experience. We go beyond the standard to ensure your vision is of the highest quality.
Behavioural Optometry aims to treat vision and visual deficiencies through specialised tools and modalities. David has been working as a behavioural optometrist for many years and has a Masters degree, predominantly in this area of study.
The team at ANU Eyecare are knowledgeable and experienced in all areas and types of contact lenses including single vision, rigid gas permeable (RGP), multifocal and more. Whether you've been told 'No' before, or are looking for change, ANU Eyecare has the right product for you.
The staff at ANU Eyecare each has over 25 years experience in the optical and dispensing industries, ensuring your eyewear will be fitted and adjusted correctly for your physical and lifestyle needs.
As part of your regular eye examination, David comprehensively looks at the health of your eyes, which includes  tests for eye related health issues such as diabetes, macular degeneration and glaucoma.
In addition to working with people with colour vision deficiencies, David has developed skills in syntonics and colorimetry. Through applying these treatments, David has been able to help many individuals with learning difficulties, lazy eyes, behavioural issues and more.


There is far more to a lens than meets the eye. There are hundreds of types of lenses and many companies that supply them, with varying degrees of quality, range and price. At ANU Eyecare, we have acess to all the quality lens companies in Australia such as Zeiss, Essilor and Rodenstock, allowing us to source and provide you with the right type of lens for your needs, instead of giving you an optical average lens.

There are thousands of potential treatments that can be applied to your lenses, from colour changing to UV filters and even anti glare. At ANU Eyecare, we ensure the glasses you leave with are supplied with everything needed for your best visual experience, without charging you excessive fees.

David and the ANU Eyecare team have years of knowledge and experience in contact lenses, meaning your needs and sight are in good hands. They have access to all contact lens brands such as Alcon, Cooper Vision and Johnson & Johnson, as well as lens types. ANU Eyecare goes beyond the industry standard and specialises in Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) lenses and multifocal lenses.

ANU Eyecare stands for quality, care and value for money. When it comes to spectacle frames and sunglasses, we know the difference between a quality and poor quality frame and will always provide you with the best the industry has to offer in each price range.

At ANU Eyecare, we ensure you feel equipped to care for your eye health and eye care products through both education and the right products. We have years of knowledge of what works and what doesn't to be able to provide you with the best solutions, cleaners, wipes, drops and more.

ANU Eyecare provides many businesses and departments around Canberra with protective eyewear and eyecare. From contact lenses and safety glasses to sports vision services, we have the knowledge and experience to provide you with what you need for your workplace, hobby or sports game.


(BOptom, MOptom)

David is a Canberra based behavioural optometrist, with 30 years experience in the field. David provides knowledgeable and quality optometry across all areas with a special interest and qualification in children's vision and learning difficulties.

The Team


ANU Eyecare

Eye Candy Optical

134/24 Lonsdale St,

Braddon ACT 2612


Phone:    6188 4466


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